Arctic calling:

an evening of joik & poetry

Come and join Johan Sara jr and Lien De Coster in the direction the compass needle is pointing! We will turn a dark November evening into a magical journey across the polar circle feeding you songs and poems harvested from the Arctic land.

Sami artist JOHAN SARA JR was born in Alta and grew up with reindeer herders on the vast snow-covered tundra in the arctic north. He is now settled in the Sami town of Maze. He was born into a culture where nature and the natural was everywhere, a culture where the joik had a central position and had a mother who had a strong interest in maintaining this tradition. To Johan Sara joik is therefore so much more than an artistic expression; it is his history and legacy.

Where: De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

When: November 21st, 8pm

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The dip

The dip in the water

holds a promise

hard to refuse

you take your sleepy body

down to the waterside

strip off your layers

like evil thoughts

halfway in you let

the palm of your hand

rest on the back of

the body that

stretches out around you

in the fragile greeting of

a lover long longed for

like a prayer

at the entrance

of the sanctuary

each time permission

is granted

heaviness is robbed from you

restlessness sinks out of reach

with your head under

freed from grief

life takes hold of you

in a way that,

even when back on land,

is impossible to forget


A white reindeer

Have you ever seen

a white reindeer

in the snow

pure caressing pure

the cold blood

and the warm

not knowing where

the one begins

nor where

the other ends


a touch that 

leaves an imprint

longer than the season

beyond the velvet dressing

into the eternal light


(From 'Rawhides')


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A living ecology of words: poems born from deep relationship to land and community.
— Simon Hodges, storyteller


‘Humanimal’ is a co-creation with dancer Ahmad Joudeh. In an intense blend of dance and poetry the two artists explore what it means to be home. The premiere of ‘Humanimal’ took place in Ghent in October 2018.

Camera and editing: Adrian Vilas

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