About me



I love to learn. My whole life I have been blessed with the opportunity to do so. I send out a thanks to all my teachers and everyone who makes it possible for me to keep on growing.

My work has a solid academic foundation thanks to my Master of English & Swedish language and literature (Ghent & Stockholm University), Master of Journalism (Erasmushogeschool Brussels) and Master of Conflict and Development (Ghent University).

Apart from that I have a broad training to mentor groups and individuals around themes of nature and spirituality towards a soulful life:

-I am a master-teacher of the Corepower method for personal leadership.

-I am a permaculture designer and teacher, trained by some of Europe's leading teachers. I completed a Permaculture Design Course (Bert D'Hondt, Belgium) and a People & Permaculture Design Course (Looby Macnamara, UK)

-I have done several wilderness solo retreats, among which a Sacred Passage & Advanced Awareness Training led by John P. Milton (USA)

- I have a shamanic training focused on North-Western European shamanism by Linda Wormhoudt (NL). I am a Woman of the Paths (nature connection work) and Soul Woman (working with dying, passing and mourning)

- I am energy trained, with a focus on healing, in the Standing Like a Tree chi kung lineage by Cosima Scheuten (NL).

-I have developed unearthing intuitive wisdom through my study of the Tarot with Felice Derkinderen (NL).

- In 2018 I was a student the School of Myth of mythologist and rites of passage guide dr. Martin Shaw (UK).

As a writer I have always been engaged. The highlight of my brief career as a journalist was a two month long journey through Central America to cover social movements, looking through the lense of the Millennium Development Goals. I am an all-round non-fiction writer and have been involved in several book projects as a copywriter, editor and translator. ('Persona non Grata', 'Corepower. Zelfsturing vanuit je Kern'. 'Trauma in Organisaties',...) As a poet I am involved in the Myths and Music community in Amsterdam and perform on a regular basis. In 2017 I spent four months in the Arctic winter in the territory of the indigenous Sami people. My blog 'Why Wild' is an exploration of contemporary expressions of wildness and creative life-supporting ways of living.

I started leading groups in an informal way already as a teenager, including coordinating art projects, actions for Amnesty International around boat refugees and offering improvisational theatre sessions. As Leaves of Lien I have been guiding a wide variety of people throughout Europe since 2012. I hold several wilderness solos a year. I have taught permaculture with a social and community focus at very diverse places (Schweibenalp ecovillage CH, Rotterdam urban course NL, …) and have been building my experience as a nature connector and community builder using the 8 shields model at the Art of Mentoring (UK) and beyond.

I look forward to meeting you, be it in the Netherlands where I am currently based, in Belgium where my roots lie, in Scandinavia where my soul dances, in the UK where I feel at ease, or elsewhere on this beautiful planet.