A wilderness solo is a contemporary translation of the ancient ritual of the vision quest, which was held in all corners of the world. Originally it was used as a rite of passage from youth to adulthood. Adolescents left their community in order to search for a vision for this life, their gift to their people. We miss this kind of ritual reflection time today and this places many people on a path which is not their own and can lead to confusion. A wilderness solo can help you to get (more) clarity about what is essential to you.

Alone in the wilderness...with only yourself, and nature as your companion. You spend three days and three nights at a spot you chose yourself in nature. Impulses and distractions from the outside are limited as much as possible. During this time you fast and sit with your intention. To give yourself the chance to fully be, you will take nothing more in your backpack than what is absolutely necessary.

A solo can be done at any given time. However it has most impact during crucial periods or key moments in your life. It can be a way to mark you are entering a new stage of life or that you have arrived at a point of transformation, With nature as your primal guide you give yourself the chance to find clarity and inner power and to boost your personal development and spirituality.

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One long prayer
— solo participant
The solo has given me the courage to make some significant changes
A touchstone
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Midsummer in the Pyrenees

Our solo area is situated in the Catalan Pyrenees. The base camp El Manau, which we have completely to ourselves during the solo, is located several kilometres away from the French village of Nohèdes and sixty kilometres from Perpignan. According to tradition, this is the spot where Noah went ashore with his arc. This explains the extreme diversity of plants and animals in the region. The shape of the arc stands out in one of the rock tops to this day. There is also a large diversity of solo spots in the landscape; from a possible sit on a mountain top to one under a tree in the valley to one at the side of a clear mountain stream.

Guidance: Lien De Coster & Katrien Deboutte

Dates: June 20th-28th 2020

Price: 800 euro (We offer one 500 euro bursary. If you would like more information please contact us.)

Photo: Miet Van Hee


Alpine solo

Our solo area lies in north-west Italy at the feet of the Alpi Graie. Our base camp is situated near the village of Rueglio at the feet of the Alps, at about an hour of Turino. There will be opportunities for a sit near the river or in the forest.

Guidance: Lien De Coster

Support: Chiara Cerli

Dates: August 27th -September 4th 2019

Price: 750 euro (We offer one 500 euro bursary. If you would like more information please contact us.)

Photo: Miet Van Hee

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