Are you looking for more soul in your personal, professional or social life? Are you unclear about your gifts or your sense of purpose in life? Do you feel like you don't fully belong, like you are not really you? Are you struggling with a transition in your life or want to develop more leadership? Do you long for a deeper connection with yourself and nature? These are all good reasons to look for mentoring. Together we will go out in nature to explore your inner landscape to help you get in touch with your inner wildness; the part of yourself that makes you feel fully alive and what you are alive for, supporting you to make choices based on trust.

Photo:  Miet Van Hee
Much more powerful than I dared to hope
— Mentee

Mini solo

During a mini solo we spend a couple of hours out in the forest or the dunes. We start our time together by clarifying your question and landing in our quiet mind. The core of the solo consists of spending time alone in nature. You will sit by yourself with your intention and will observe what silence and stillness bring you. At the end of the session we will look into to the deeper meaning of your experience. We round off with an eye on the future and how you will weave your insights into your daily life.

The session is supported by nature's capacity to mirror. Simple awareness exercises and ritual work are integrated. This is a compact version of the wilderness solo.

Price: 175 euro


Year long mentoring

This year long mentoring guides you in a process of soul searching. Together we explore your inner landscape  adapted to where you are right now in your life.

The mentoring consists of:

- four mini solos (one for each season, setting the scene and follow-up)

- a wilderness solo (summer, discovering your gifts)

- a weekend of communication with the land (deepening your nature awareness)

- a co-created ceremony (autumn, stepping into your gifts) 

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