Communication with the land

Join the oldest existing dialogue!

Since time immemorial we humans have lived close to the earth and in an intimate relationship with our natural surroundings. We depended directly upon the land for our survival and daily needs, we knew it throughout the seasons and were aware of the other creatures with whom we shared our space. We used to be fully at ease with this ongoing dialogue. Today many of us have forgotten this language. Luckily there are many ways to reconnect to or deepen our connection with this language. 

During this series of ‘communication with the land’ weekends you will have the opportunity to feel more at home in nature, heighten your awareness and connect to your animal body. Each weekend has a different theme and is co-facilitated with an expert in the field. You can immerse yourself fully by coming to all four weekends or join for one or more separate weekends. 

The main sources of inspiration are the core routines of nature connection as they are taught at the Art of Mentoring and Linda Wormhoudt’s teachings on landscape energy and northwestern European roots. 

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Today we participate almost exclusively with other humans and our own human-made technologies. It’s a precarious situation, given our age-old reciprocity with the many-voiced landscape
— David Abram
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Dancing with the land

How does the land move us and how do we move with the land? We explore the dance between connecting with the elements around us and the inner wilderness of truly expressing ourselves, freely using our animal body and following it where it wants to move next. How can dance be an embodied expression of nature’s diversity, life beyond the concepts and conditionings we carry? Join us for a journey of surrender.

Dates: 11-12-13 October

Location: De Uelenspieghel, Drenthe (NL)

Facilitation: Lien De Coster & Sabrina Hoffmann

Sabrina trained as a nature connector and spiritual movement facilitator. She has been exploring movement through butoh, noguchi taiso, contact improvisation and authentic movement for the last nine years.

Price: 275 euro/weekend (excl. overnight stay; you have the opportunity to choose between camping or sleeping indoors)

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Becoming mythic

In oral nature-connected cultures, myth used to be an indispensable part of daily life serving as a way to remind us of our identity, to make meaning of our surroundings, and to pass on vital knowledge. This weekend invites you to listen deeply to myth and land so can you can harvest some of the stories it holds and connect to your personal mythology.

Dates: 15-16-17 November

Location: Uelenspieghel, Drenthe (NL)

Facilitation: Lien De Coster & Simon Hodges

Price: 275 euro/weekend (excl. overnight stay; you have the opportunity to choose between camping or sleeping indoors)

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