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First upcoming performance with brand new Arctic poetry at The Gathering Point, May 18th at TOON, Jan Everstsestraat 8, Amsterdam.

lienpoetryPhoto Irena van der Toma

Hidden trees

for the Tawny Owls

Where the wind keeps
the trees hidden
in the grasses
and the people walk
the thick lines
of the horizons
in their eyes
you’ll sing
the seal song,
forget the festivals
and wrap the blanket
of your solid soul around
your softened body

No people staring at you,
I promise
No language but
bird language
third eye contact
clouds’ rain rumours

No real people dying
in real gutters
Hardly people really

Tides not times
to play with.

Clay feet

I walk

on red soil

and clay feet

my pace

as steady

as the sun’s drum

I don’t join

the black men

around the fire

they’ve been sitting

there forever

I don’t go

off track

no path has been

painted here

by presence before

the tunnel into which

I am falling

is not gonna hurt

it is leading me

to the burning heart

of mother Earth

Lien’s poetry has a lyrical simplicity which is beautiful. She writes about our relationship with the natural environment and ourselves, and does so with authenticity, wisdom and compassion.

Liz Lefroy, poet

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