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A solo retreat is a contemporary translation of the ancient ritual of the vision quest, which was held in all corners of the world. Originally it was a rite of passage from youth to adulthood. Youngsters left their community on a search for vision for this life, their gift to their people. Today we miss this kind of ritual reflection time, which brings lots of people on a path which is not theirs. A solo retreat can help you to get (more) clarity about what is essential to you.

Concretely you are by yourself in the wilderness. With only yourself, and nature as your companion. You spend four days and three nights on the same spot you chose yourself in nature. Impulses and distractions from the outside are limited as much as possible. You do without eating, reading, writing, music, walking, campfire etc. In your backpack you will take nothing more than what is absolutely necessary. To give yourself the change to fully be. You literally stay where you are; in your small arena formed by a circle of stones, branches or other natural resources you find on the spot.

You can enter a solo with a personal question or completely open and without expectations. Maybe you have a question in your life that you would like to bring to the surface and look at during these days in solitude. Or maybe you want to experience what it is like to be totally alone for a few days and not to share space with another. Or maybe you want to enjoy nature fully without being disturbed. There are no right or wrong reasons for entering a solo retreat. The feeling that you want to is enough.

A solo can be done at any given time. However the most suitable moments are during crucial periods in your life. Maybe you have arrived at a point of transformation, into adulthood (regardless your age), to let go of a relationship, to become a parent, to get retired, … With nature as your primal guide you give yourself the chance to find clarity and inner power and to boost your personal development and spirituality.


My deep gratitide goes to the Swedish wilderness where I was allowed to share the woods with wolves, bears and an infinite amount of other creatures on my first solo retreat. Also the sound of the briny ocean which was my companion on my second retreat, on the island of la Gomera, will echo into my ears forever. The past years I have found inspiration and insight on the Art of Mentoring Gathering for deep nature connection. Apart from this I am doing a shamanic training with Linda Wormhoudt. Also my training of the internal martial arts of chi kung strongly contributes to my solo work.


Lien? I see three shiny eyes on top of a smile, a big focus, passion and a mission. I think of qualities like light, directed, a big sensitivity, awareness and playfulness. Someone who rests in herself and is connected to the bigger whole. I experience your energy and presence as very nice, open, inviting, pure, respectful and powerful throuh softness. You give others all space and know at the same time to guard boundaries and inspire. Cosima Scheuten, chi kung instructor

For me the solo was a reset, a rebirth and an intense purification. Not just the solo itself but especially the whole framework made it into an unforgettable, magical experience. Before the solo I experienced the local nature as a wonderful complex whole, afterwards I felt integrally part of this astounding whole. Throughout the guidance of the whole process Lien embodied the archetypical female energy – pure earthly life force, one with nature and clearly fully in her element.

Diëgo Van De Keere, 2013 participant

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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Photos: Miet Van Hee

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